Eduflier Small preparations bring bright future

Small preparations bring bright future

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”- Abraham Lincoln. The preparation for great success in future can be done at the present time only. Children studying in the classrooms are projected to become rightful citizens of the society. Right things done at the right times can bring enormous yields. Similarly, right education at the right time serves as one of the major roots of the development of an upright and responsible individual.

Preparing does not only mean to pre-plan or strategize for what we aim at but also takes into account what adds to and what prevents us from reaching our short-term as well as long term goals. Correctly chosen quality and methods of education according to a child’s need results in a better childhood, which leads to better adulthood and eventually, creates a foundation for his better living.

Yet, academics alone are not sufficient in order to ensure the all-round growth of a child. The truest preparation directing one towards a happy life follows a path of education and practical learning, through which children not only learn what is needed at the schools but also essences of life that are expected from a person in every-day life. It includes development through academics, positive relationships, understanding, care, love and respect and the ideas for an ideal life i.e. honesty, obedience, self-confidence, flexible and positive thinking attitude. In fact, it is well known that what is learnt in childhood remains with us for life. It is very essential to complement the academic education with skills and behavioural essentials to ensure all-round development of a child.

Eduflier, A Revolutionary Skill Based Curriculum has been introduced by TDS EDU Innovation that boosts students’ development through a theatrical experience wherein they absorb 70+ twenty first century skills making them absolutely “Future Ready”. Also, the Advanced Learning Enhancement Program accelerates the academic growth through a magical and theatrical means. Eduflier, the completely self-explanatory and trainer-less model helps schools to bring about a miraculous transformation in the career paths of their students. As prepared well, is well succeeded.

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