Eduflier Impact of Classroom Rules

Impact of Classroom Rules

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Rules are the basis of a civilised society. It is a well-established fact that Society cannot develop in chaos. A classroom is essentially a small unit of the society where the future generation of the society is being nurtured. Hence, to ensure their proper development and care, a well regulated atmosphere must be maintained in the class-room.

Well established class-room rules result in:
  • Clearly defined parameters for appropriate behaviour
  • Students distinctly understand what is expected of them
  • Students can modify their behave accordingly
  • Children know clearly when they have gone ‘out of bounds’
  • Minimum Class-room disruptions
  • More attention towards the lesson
  • An effective atmosphere for learning
  • A reinforcement of positive behaviour
  • Leading to the building of a positive character
  • A safe and comfortable environment for all.
Guidelines for establishing Rules:
  • Rules should be simple and clear.
  • Rules should be fair and unbiased.
  • Rules should be scientific and practical.
  • Rules should not be detrimental to the mental/ physical well-being of any student.
  • Rules should not be discriminatory.
  • Rules should not reinforce undesirable stereotypes.
  • Rules should be mindful of the age-group.
  • Rules should be flexible in case of extraordinary circumstances.

It has been observed that establishment and implementation of rules is easier through example rather than mere display in black-and-white. When students observe positive or negative behaviour and understand the consequences they are more likely to follow rules meant for their own good. Encouraging constructive behaviour and respect for rules through positive reinforcement is the ideal goal for all schools. The sheer diversity and numbers make it a challenge attain this ideal for most schools.

Eduflier, a revolutionary skill-based curriculum seeks to address this concern by providing a theatrical and magical experience of learning to each and every student. Through the medium of enthralling skilling simulations and exciting integrated activities Eduflier skilling curriculum manages to hold the attention of each individual student. Using 17+ modern teaching methodologies, Edulfier imbibes students with Twenty-first Century Skills and also inculcates in them values and positive behavioural traits which makes them absolutely Future-Ready!

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