Eduflier is the world’s first ever revolutionary skill-based curriculum designed for K-9 students. It is a pursuit to bring about a revolutionary change in the educational system.

The Eduflier Skill-Lab is the State-of-the-art Tab-Lab provided to all the partner schools where the Skill-curriculum is implemented using the researched and proven ISEL Method.

The Integrated Simulation and Experiential Learning Method has been developed by the eminent Eduflier research team after extensive field research. 1000+ Enthralling Simulations and 2000+ Integrated Activities.

There are many programs that focus on the topics related to academics. But Eduflier is a skill based program that helps students to learn the crucial skills that make them ready for their future careers and lives

This program complements the schools’ academic curriculum. It helps the school to provide a comprehensive all-round education to the child in addition to academic skills.

Eduflier plays a great role in the overall development of the students. In this modern generation, getting good marks is not just enough. Success depends on being apt in different skills required to face the world and work in a multicultural environment.

Eduflier is a completely trainer-less model and can be implemented with minimal teacher involvement. We also provide 24X7 technical support to the school for the tab-lab.

Eduflier is a year round program. After an exhaustive research, it has been designed keeping in mind the need of the students at each age group. It has been planned to be covered thoroughly in an academic year.

Students need crucial skills to grasp the academics concepts more effectively and to be well prepared and to deal with every-day problems.

Learning capability is great in childhood. The skills and knowledge which is developed in childhood is permanent.

The activities are interactive and personalized. They are very attractive and easy to understand. They help the children to understand concepts better and learn through experience.

The sessions are flexible and can be planned as per the school schedule and time-table. CBSE’s plan to reduce the syllabus by up to 50% would also help in easing the academic curriculum.

The sessions are made accumulating a great variety of topics which will maintain the interest level of students. Also the content and topics are continually upgraded as per the needs of the changing world.

It will increase the brand value of the school in terms of the advanced level of teaching provided to the student.