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21st century workforce will be centered around new computational technologies like ML, AI, VR, AR, Blockchain, IoT and Robotics. An early start to coding will make them the creators of tomorrow.

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Improves logical thinking
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Sharpens problem solving
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Increases focus and concentration
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Fosters imagination and creativity
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Enhances their ability to build Knowledge
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Opens up career opportunities

Specially designed curriculum for young minds Built by coders, educators and geeks

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Rajat Varshney

Coupang, Flipkart, Accenture, Capgemini, 14 Years of extensive work experience in various multinational companies

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
S. Ramya
MBA-IIM Trichy Ex- Director-Bhumi

15 Years of experience in various Business, NGO’s, Education Transformations alike

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Mira Sood
Ex. Vice Principal D.P.S- R.K Puram, New Delhi

23 yrs. Of experience in Curriculum Design for Ed-Tech & e-learning industries Senior Curriculum consultant for Akanksha Foundation & other NGO’s

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Gopal Venkatraman
Ex- Vice President- Edurite Technologies,

A Pearson Group Company, now acquired by BYJU’s Ex- Dabur, Ex-Godrej 20+ Years of experience in Sales, Product Management, Media Buying & Agency Coordination for Education Industry & FMCG

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Ms. Sereng Alva
Master's degree in Child Psychology

Counselling Psychologist & Life Skills Trainer Sir George Williams Education Academy, YMCA

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Tapas Tanty
NIST, Information Technology

Curriculum Designer-Eduflier

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Deeksha Bargali
Curriculum Lead Eduflier

Previously HCL Technologies

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Pradnya Wagh
Designer Lead- Eduflier

BFA, Design and Applied Arts, RSCAAC

Brought to you by an experienced team from

Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
IIT Bombay
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
IIM Trichy
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
IIT Delhi
Eduflier Skilling Simulations
University of Duisburg- Germany

A School’s Real Skill Partner

Beyond Books, Boards & academics- A Complete Solution
Skillize your School & become future ready
Eduflier-the continuous growth of your school
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Unique Features of Coding @ Eduflier

Eduflier Trainers are Early Childhood Experts
Confidence & Decision Making Boosting Methodology
Extensive Understanding of Hardware
Training for Safe Internet Browsing
Friendliness for Coding Softwares & Platforms
Real Life Relevance of Coding

Eduflier Coding & Future Skill Curriculum

Complete Coding Course

(Basic + Intermediate + Advanced + Professional)

Eduflier Future Skill Themes

One Fascinating Skill Theme as monthly bonus

Skill Profile Generation

Personalized Profile on 18 crucial skill indexes Certificates for every child

HOTS Enhancement Sessions

70 + skills like Logical Thinking, problem solving, Computational Thibnking etc.

Science & Maths Quiz Platform

Interactive Quiz Based Science & Maths

Coding &; Skill Certificates

Certificates for every child